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Unique Christmas Cards

Millions of Christmas cards are sent and delivered either by hand, digitally, or by post every year. However, not many know their origin. During the festive season, these cards are given to express sentiments to colleagues, customers, friends, and most of all, family. They are uniquely designed, each with a specific special message, depending on the receiver’s character and role in your life.

Christmas cards Origin

The custom of sending Christmas cards was started in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole. He was a senior civil servant who played an essential role in setting up a new public record office, the post office. He wondered how the post office could be used more often, so together with John Horsley, his friend and artist, the idea of Christmas cards developed. In 2001, unique nature Horsley’s “Happy New Year to You” Christmas card provoked controversy in England, the Christmas card became the most expensive Christmas card when it was sold for $35,800 at auction.

What is the point of Unique Christmas Cards?

We have a variety of uniquely designed Christmas cards that you can choose from at any time. Consider the everyday people in your life, those you’d wish to keep in touch with, and any other person who may find it enjoyable to receive a card from you as potential card candidates.

A Unique Christmas Card Brings Smiles

At Katherine’s craft, we know how enjoyable it is to have something other than bills in your mail. Our unique Christmas cards are designed to make the day of your loved ones great. We ensure that our unique handmade cards are that happy piece of mail to your loved ones.

Opportunity To Say Something Important

We know how important the people you care about are. Here is something novel, use your unique Christmas cards from Katherine’s craft to share something special, and meaningful with your loved ones. December may be a lonely month for some people. However, with our handmade unique Christmas cards, we have made it easy to share a message of hope and optimism with those that mean a lot to you. Everyone can use some holiday cheer, and a personal message in someone’s mailbox can mean a lot.

Reconnecting With Friends And Family

Having a long-distance relative that you rarely visit can be sad. Maybe you moved away from each other due to an unplanned life change. Sending them our best Christmas card designs can be one of the ways to reconnect with them. A unique Christmas card is a warm reminder that you always think of them no matter how far they are.

Cards last longer

Sharing a status update may be comfortable but also fleeting. Sending our unique designed Christmas cards to someone’s mailbox makes it hard for anyone to avoid it. A unique Christmas card can be put on display until 26th as a constant reminder of your relationship, connection, and relationship with the receiver. Unlike any social platform, Christmas cards are a constant reminder of the people you love. As you plan on getting one for your family, consider our designs at Katherines Crafts.

With plenty of ways to let someone know how you feel over the holidays, it always goes right with sending a unique handmade Christmas card from katherinescraft.com. The joy of opening a holiday card and reading a handwritten note remains an unchallenged tradition during the holiday season. Our holiday cards are not expensive. We have various designs that best suits your needs. For more details on our handmade unique Christmas cards, feel free to reach us at Katherine’s Craft. Your thought counts!


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