Handmade Cards

Handmade Birthday Cards

Sending out handmade birthday cards is a great way to stay connected with those you don’t see very often. They may be your loved ones or someone who lives far away, or a cousin you haven’t met in a long time. While you might text or call them often, a handmade card on special occasions such as birthdays will surely feel warmer and special. Accompany a gift with our handmade birthday card to take it a step further to let someone know how much you care.

Our luxurious and stylish handmade birthday cards will delight that special someone while leaving a positive lasting impression. We use stationeries that are unique and different from those you find with high street greeting card retailers. Most of our embellishments used on the cards are handmade and created in-house. The superior quality of paper, color palettes used along with attention to details, and the quality finish that goes into our work are sure to impress you and the recipient of the card.


Handmade Thank You Cards

Ever wondered whether or not you should write a thank-you note? If that is a thought that crosses your mind often, then you probably should. After all, it is practical to write one that is just meant to appreciate someone for who they are as it is to write one during a specific occasion. The recipient will appreciate it with acknowledgment and gratitude.

A thank you card’s main aim is to show your sincere appreciation, either for a service or a gift that someone offered. When someone does something nice and lovely for you, it is kind and heartwarming to acknowledge some heartfelt written words.

At Katherine’s crafts, we have specially designed handmade thank you cards that you can share with someone who goes above the call of duty but goes unnoticed. Our custom-designed thank you cards will pleasantly surprise them and let them know how much their efforts are appreciated. While an email might do the trick, it is still not wrong to go a little traditional and follow up later with a card and a pen.

Thank You Card

Handmade Holiday Cards

Our handmade holiday cards are more than just a basic printed card with cheesy sentimental wishes. Our handmade holiday cards are charming, creative, and different and would be treasured by your recipient. With text messages and digital cards becoming a norm, holding a holiday card in your hand is absolutely irreplaceable. Ordering our handmade holiday cards is quick and easy and is surely worth it, considering how special it makes the recipient feel. These handmade holiday cards are a gift on their own and will be treasured long after the digital messages and store-bought cards are gone.

Katherine’s Crafts offers an extensive range of handmade holiday cards for your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone else who might be on your list. Choose from the many different designs in our handmade holiday cards collection, all inspired by the holiday season. The vibe and the emotions our handmade holiday cards represent beats the ordinary cards you get at your local store by miles. The impeccable design, high-quality paper, and intricate details will bring a smile to the recipient’s face without a doubt. We use creative styles and techniques to ensure our handmade holiday cards stand out and make a statement.

Happy Holiday Card

Handmade Christmas Cards

Have you ever thought of how heartwarming Christmas handmade cards are? Maybe you feel low, and then suddenly someone gets you a card when you least expect, isn’t that the best feeling one can have? Probably a good feeling, which comes from the warmth and happiness of opening the card, only to find out it’s from one of your loved ones or a friend.

There is no denying that Christmas handmade cards go a long way. The feeling of knowing someone took their time to make something special is timeless. At Katherine’s Crafts, we give you a chance to show your loved ones how much you mean to them by helping you personalize the greetings to suit their interests. We are skilled in handmade products that will play a significant role in your joy and your loved one’s happiness.

Happy Holiday Card