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    Custom Order


    Basic information

    • When ordering, make sure to include a good quality image in the form.
    • Orders take between 1-2 weeks to create and you will be sent a high quality image through email only.
    •  If you have any questions or have a specific request that is not mentioned DM us on instagram or email us at [email protected]
    • All custom orders are sent as digital files and are 8.5×11 inches. Other sizes are available upon request, add this in the note on the form.
    • All orders come with a free solid background color of your choice (add this in the note section of the form).
    • Detailed backgrounds can be added for an addional $5.
    • All orders come with 3 revisions of the artwork.
    • If you have any questions contact us.


    • Portraits – $15 per 1 person. + $5 for every additional person.
    • Full Body – $17 for 1 person. + $5 for every addional person.
    • This style includes some facial features and details on clothing and hair.

    Full Detail 

    • Portraits – $25 for 1 person. + $7 for every additonal person.
    • Full Body – $30 for 1 person. + $7 for every addional person.
    • Includes fully detailed face and hair. With details on the clothes and skin.

    Pets and Animals  

    •  Minimalistic – $20 for 1 pet + $5 for every additonal animal or person.
    • Includes all facial features. Fur/hair is simplified and not very detailed.
    • Detailed – $30 for 1 pet + $7 for every additional animal or person.
    • includes all facial features  and fully detailed fur/hair.