Handmade Birthday Cards

Spoil your family member, a friend, or your colleague with exquisite handmade birthday cards from Katherine’s Crafts!

Social media shouts are easy but impersonal. Nothing beats the old-fashioned birthday cards via mail. Our handmade birthday cards are the perfect way to show someone how much you care for them. A handmade birthday card means you did not rely on social media notifications to remember their birthday, and it is something that will make them feel special and be treasured forever by the recipient. Our handmade birthday cards work as a memento of the past by reigniting old memories and become a keepsake for tomorrow.

Sending out handmade birthday cards is a great way to stay connected with those you don’t see very often. They may be your loved ones or someone who lives far away, or a cousin you haven’t met in a long time. While you might text or call them often, a handmade card on special occasions such as birthdays will surely feel warmer and special. Accompany a gift with our handmade birthday card to take it a step further to let someone know how much you care.

Our luxurious and stylish handmade birthday cards will delight that special someone while leaving a positive lasting impression. We use stationeries that are unique and different from those you find with high street greeting card retailers. Most of our embellishments used on the cards are handmade and created in-house. The superior quality of paper, color palettes used along with attention to details, and the quality finish that goes into our work are sure to impress you and the recipient of the card.

We understand you want to select the best handmade birthday card for the special one, and it is why we are passionate about creating the finest handmade cards for our customers. We have a wide range of cards suitable for husband, wife, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter, or friend. All our handmade birthday cards are perfect for anyone, no matter how old they are, and can be easily customized for any milestone birthday.

Once considered a novelty, digital birthday wishes fail to portray the meaning of the words the handwritten words do. Similarly, finding an e-card with the right style and tone to convey your wishes can be difficult too. Our designer handmade birthday cards provide you with the perfect canvas to write a personalized message. We would be happy to add the message to the card by hand before sending it over or do it yourself. We want the recipient of your card to feel they are receiving something special, and we don’t mind going the extra mile to achieve that.

At Katherine’s Crafts, we specialize in handmade birthday cards for your loved ones. Our wide ranges of handmade birthday cards are unique and will stand out from the conventional card choices. We truly understand the emotions with which you pick a handmade birthday card for someone special, and it is why we take special care to deliver the card with the utmost care and on time.