Handmade Christmas Cards

Have you ever thought of how heartwarming Christmas handmade cards are? Maybe you feel low, and then suddenly someone gets you a card when you least expect, isn’t that the best feeling one can have? Probably a good feeling, which comes from the warmth and happiness of opening the card, only to find out it’s from one of your loved ones or a friend.

There is no denying that Christmas handmade cards go a long way. The feeling of knowing someone took their time to make something special is timeless. At Katherine’s Crafts, we give you a chance to show your loved ones how much you mean to them by helping you personalize the greetings to suit their interests. We are skilled in handmade products that will play a significant role in your joy and your loved one’s happiness.

At katherinescrafts.com, we know what it means when someone sends you a Christmas card made by hand, either physically or by mail. It simply means someone is thinking of you and wishing you well. Sometimes, they want to thank you for simply being you. Our handmade cards are more meaningful to our clients and just as eye-catching as any store-bought Christmas card. They are unique and designed to fit your desired taste. Our cards are not cold, mass-produced, and impersonal.

Importance of Christmas Handmade Cards

Sending Christmas cards has always been a tradition dating back to the early 19th century. Thanks to the influence of the social network platforms, our busy schedules, and a list of other excuses, most people have fallen away from physically handmade Christmas cards. However, here at Katherine’s Crafts, we firmly believe that it is essential to share Christmas cheer with some good old fashioned ways such as handmade Christmas cards. You might be wondering the right time to send your cards, after thanksgiving, targeting their arrival in a week in December.

Below are the reasons you should bring the tradition of sending handmade Christmas cards to your own family and your loved ones and friends.


Christmas cards don’t come cheap nowadays, especially if you think of something more than just a simple print and cheesy sentiment. At Katherine’s Crafts, we bring the most affordable handmade Christmas cards on the table to add more fun at the moment and save you pennies in the long run.

A loving and touching thought

Handmade Christmas cards go a long way simply because a handmade card lets the receiver know you took your entire time to make something special for them. When you make something special for your loved ones, it is the most heartwarming moment that can never be bought. At Katherine’s Crafts, we give you a chance to show the people you love how much they mean to you. We personalize the cards to fit the interests of your loved ones.

Handmade Christmas cards can be kept for generations to come

 There is nothing that keeps memories alive than a handmade Christmas card. Sending a card year after year is like a mini timeline that shows you how your family has grown. It makes friendships and relationships more substantial than expected. The cards made at katherinscraft.com are timeless. Not only will your recipients hold onto them, but you will want to keep a copy for yourself too. You can send your wishes via SMS. But why would you throw away a vital memory that should have lived for the longest time? Text messages can disappear almost instantly, but Christmas cards are worth saving.

Handmade cards provide a tangible touch

It is easy to limit the sending of Facebook messages or send an e-card to a mass list of email addresses. In the modern generation, the effect of handwriting is slowly being left out on cards. We believe that just a sentence or two is all that it takes to bring that tradition back.

The best connection to people

There are cases where you won’t seem to see your family and friends more often. Cards are an effective way to stay connected and show some care to your family and friends. Writing a little life update of shorter or longer notes is a meaningful way to keep them updated on what’s happening in your life. In Katherine’s Crafts, our Christmas cards keep you connected to the people you love.

Cards are pieces of mails that bring smiles

Everyone knows that it is a good day when there is something different from the mail bills. We make your cards that happy piece of mail for your loved ones. We help design the best-handwritten addresses on cards rather than a printed name. Our variety of cards will help put a smile on your loved ones before they even tear it apart.

Why choose us

We are an established company skilled in making lots of different designs with various colors of your choice. You can order some custom designed cards that fit your desires that best suit your family and friends. All our products are genuinely handmade with care.

How many times have you sent your loved one a Christmas handmade card simply because you want to wish them well and because you think about them? There are more benefits to giving a handcrafted Christmas card. The main reason is to make your loved one happy, and in return, you become delighted since you feel the joy. It is enjoyable, and these feelings are beneficial to our health, and with such memories, our clients find it healthy to keep our handmade designed cards around.

With our unlimited skills and talent, we are passionate about creating and designing the best Christmas handmade cards so you can share the love and care with your family and friends. What could be better?

Please visit our website to see what best suits you or contact us for any tailored design. All you need to do is share with us a picture example of what you need.