Custom Digital Art

Custom Digital Art

Art is subjective. It is a broad term that covers sculptures, paintings and decoration. Humankind’s story with art started thousands of years ago, from wall paintings to the current programs and software that can create VR at the click of a button. Digital art is an artistic practice that uses digital technology for creativity and the presentation process. It is placed under the term, new media art.

At Katherine’s Crafts, we believe creativity is a way of bringing your imagination into reality. Apart from dealing with handmade cards for various occasions, we believe that people may want more than just writings and real pictures.

Stepping out of reality into your imagination is an experience shared and held close with all of us. Most of us express it in physical ways thanks to art and its form. As time moves forth, so does the advancement of technology. The type of imagination finds a new medium to be painted on. Digital art has since taken over with brilliant and fantastic artists and companies such as Katherine’s Crafts emerging from its rapture.

Custom Digital ArtBenefits of custom digital art

  • Unlike traditional media, digital art is faster. With the technology we use when painting, you don’t need to worry about your water turning funky in color or your paintbrush falling on your painting. With traditional art, there are high chances your picture won’t last, and there is no guarantee that they are replaceable. Our customized digital art is replaceable since it is saved digitally.
  • Digital art is easily editable than traditional media. No matter how perfect we might be, we are bound to make little mistakes here and there. Sometimes the design is not pleasing as expected, and you might need some changes here and there. We are willing to make the changes as per your desire.
  • Digital art is perfect for publishing since it will always be as it is. It can be duplicated with accuracy, cannot be affected in any way while sending or copying to another platform, and it is much safer than traditional art.
  • We have various brushes and functions on our platforms to give you the best customized digital art. At Katherine’s crafts, we have endless designs and possibilities that traditional artists would never be able to do.

We have the best-optimized services and offer everything you need in the desired time. We print different customized names and pictures on one printer card when required. Digital art is essential to those who need to share their craft from one medium to another without fear of change.

All we need for the service

Before any step is taken, we need to understand what you need. Is it writing or pictures on your cards? Below are the basic requirements to guide you on what is required before we begin.

  • During your order, ensure you include the right quality image.
  • Orders might take 1-2 weeks to develop. High-quality images will be sent through your email.
  • All custom orders are shared as digital files. All sizes are available upon request.
  • All orders come with a solid background color of your choice for free. However, an additional $5, detailed backgrounds can be added.
  • All orders come with an artwork of 3 revisions, to settle on one that is pleasing.

For any queries or special requests not mentioned above, please direct message us on Instagram or Contact Us.

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